Our mission is to help children with autism spectrum disorders attain a better quality of life through ABA treatment. We strive to help children with autism acquire functional independence, communication, social, play, self-help, academic skills and a Love for Learning. When there are barriers, we knock down each road block one block at a time. We pride ourselves in making a commitment to every family we serve by providing a “Glimmer of Hope” daily.

Our Focus

  • Functional independence
  • Communication
  • Play
  • Social
  • Academics
  • Life skills
  • Generalization of skills
  • Helping learners reach their full potential

Our Program

  • Based on skills, strengths and weaknesses
  • Systematic
  • Flexible goals
  • Individualized
  • Progress is measured
  • Trained therapists
  • Progress is monitored
  • Parent involvement is required

Our Approach

  • Child Centered
  • Holistic learning
  • Balance of child and therapist led activities
  • Learning is fun
  • Naturalistic and structured
  • High, but attainable expectations
  • Inclusive of student's support system