Our Services

We approach learning holistically across ALL ENVIRONMENTS!


In-Home Training

Our in-home service allows families to access parent training in the comfort of their home. We ensure overall consistency, programming effectiveness and maximize your child’s acquisition rate by providing ongoing training and generalizing skills across settings.

Center Treatment

Our services are primarily provided at our center location. Our treatment services include up to 35-40 hours of ABA treatment with our therapists at our center location. We offer two types of center base services: 1:1 and group treatment services.

• Direct Treatment
• Consultative Meetings
• Parent Training
• Social Skills Training
• Life Skills Training

Social Skills Learning

Our Social-Engineers program is an ABA social skills training curriculum that is unique that focuses on helping our students Explore, Discover, Laugh and Connect with friends. We strive to improve social learning by building and sustaining relationships with friends and develop school readiness in an inclusion setting in an interactive 10-week program.

Public School Guidance

We aim at collaborating with other key players in your child’s support system. Our ultimate goal is to assist parents with understanding the Admission Review Dismissal (ARD) process in order to guide them in making informed decisions about their child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Private School Shadowing

Oftentimes, students may be ready to transition to an inclusion setting in a private school environment; but the student to teacher ratios are high. This will greatly impede on the teacher’s ability to adequately meet the needs of student. In this case, our therapists may serve as shadows in the private school sector to help facilitate language, play and social opportunities in the classroom when the student to teacher ratios are high or when the teachers are not equipped to manage through unique situations. We have successfully provided shadows in the following private schools: Levine Academy, Akiba Academy, Temple Emanu-El, Vanguard Academy, Park Cities Baptist Church, St. Michaels, Wesley Prep Academy Apple Creek (Frisco), Apple Creek (Plano) and Oakhill Academy.

Community Outings

We have a well-rounded approach to learning. This includes facilitating learning opportunities across community outings. Example community outings include, but are not limited to: grocery store, park, restaurants, movies, bowling, swimming…etc. We have found increased exposure to various public places decreases the probability of inappropriate behaviors occurring over time. These opportunities also increase the probability of generalizing skills.

4 the Spectrum Prep

4 the Spectrum Academy is tailored to addressing the behavioral and educational needs of children with autism in a fun learning group environment with low student to instructor ratios. Our curriculum, the C.R.E.A.A.T.E (Communication, Regulation, Exploratory Arts, Academics and Technological Experiences) program, is submerged with enriched social, behavioral and academic learning experiences. We systematically teach students skills not based on their differences, but by their unique learning styles. We provide “Extraordinary Learning Opportunities for Exceptional Learners”.


We believe the learner is never wrong!
When a learner’s learning potential is stagnant,
an environmental and system change is needed!