What People Say

Nikki Moses is perhaps the kindest, compassionate and knowledgeable provider of ABA therapy to children with severe neuro-developmental disorders. She is caring and committed and makes real differences in the lives of the children she serves and those of their families as well. In a time where high quality and committed ABA therapy is difficult to find, Nikki Moses is the ultimate exception.
-Mara, Frisco

A rare find in ABA therapy, Nikki has her Masters in Education, is a BCBA and an autism specialist.  She not only offers in office therapy, but home and school assistance as well. She also offers a specialized summer camp that is amazing! There are not other BCBA’s in this area that can offer what she can!
-Genie, Dallas

The center is individually based, professionally run, tailors to the child’s needs, innovative and fresh thinking. The therapists and Nikki are always looking for ways to reach the kids and work with them on using their interests. Nikki has an ability like I’ve never seen to find out why a child is behaving a certain way, how to help them understand it and how to work through it- as well as educating the parents on how to apply at home!
-Lisabeth, Dallas

My husband and I met Nikki last June, when our son was diagnosed with a possible PDD NOS. At the time we were devastated, and didn’t know where to go and what to do. We heard about Nikki from someone on the Autism Yahoo Group. She met with us immediately and did an evaluation of our son. Nikki came up with a program for him. She also helped us find other qualified therapists to work with him. Nikki and her team have been part of our family since then. My son loves them and can’t wait to work with them every day. We saw such a major improvement in his behavior and learning in the first six months that even his Neurologist said: “I can’t believe that this is the same child I had observed six months ago”. Thanks to Nikki and her team, my son has been improving more and more every day, and he is now attending pre-school with typically developed children. Nikki is dedicated, and takes pride in her work. She is caring and yet is stern enough to let the child know they have to work hard and learn quickly. We feel so blessed that we found her and could not imagine our son’s quick improvement without her hard work. Nikki is very knowledgeable in her field and has many years of experience working with the kids on the spectrum. This makes her a great asset to any family going through such an ordeal. We recommend her strongly, and know that she can, and will, make a difference in a child’s life by providing a program that will enable them to learn as quickly as possible.
-A very thankful mother, Plano, Texas

Nikki, just wanted to let you know that our son was thinking about you! We appreciate all you did for him. He is in 2nd grade and just made the Honor Roll! Brings tears to my eyes as I type that.

I am very excited you are considering working with Nikki Moses. My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Nikki over the past year. With Nikki’s guidance and training we have made great strides in improving our son’s social interaction, speech, and behavior. As parents of an autistic child, we can relate to the unique struggles autism presents. In brief, this is our story. Our son, now five-years-old, was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of three in a half. Some of his challenges included his inability to: maintain eye contact, interact with peers, maintain and understand social relationships, potty train, and comply with request. Also, our son’s primary form of communication included repetitive and scripted speech. Through an online support group I learned about ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy and Consulting 4 the Spectrum. I arranged a time to meet Nikki and discuss her program. Thank goodness I did, it changed our lives. From my first meeting with Nikki, I was impressed with her professionalism, her desire to help children on the spectrum, and her knowledge. Over the next year Nikki taught my husband and I how to interact with our son, how to build learning opportunities, how to distinguish between extinction burst versus regular tantrums, how to create environments our son understand and felt comfortable in, and much more. She also helped us navigate the public school system and ARD meetings. She taught us how to be positive advocates for our son. Some of the programs Nikki designed for our son included a token board, picture schedule, social stories, and parent training. She also offered informative ABA presentations my husband and I attended. She kept accurate records of our son’s progression. These records along with the behavior analysts she completed on our son helped us when speaking to other autism professionals. As a matter of fact, at our son’s ARD, I brought Nikki’s records and the professionals at the ARD were very impressed with her data. Today our son is thriving in a public school class room with the assistance of a 1:1 aide, which we didn’t even know having a 1:1 aide was a possibility until Nikki explained our son’s rights and the ARD system to us. Our son, while he still prefers his space, does play with his classmates and has several friends. He looks you in the eye when he speaks to you, he is potty trained (!) and just last night played Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders all the way through while taking turns the whole time! A year ago, I never thought all this was possible. It is very difficult as a parent with a child on the spectrum to put your trust in professionals that claim they can help. My husband and I went through the gamut of pediatricians, therapist, dieticians, etc. While a few of them helped our son others just disappointed us. Nikki, however, REALLY did help our son and us. In our family we say we have angels. Angels are the people in our lives that really touched us and helped us grow into the people we want to be. Our list of angels include family members, friends, teachers, and now Nikki: she is one of our angels. We are sincerely blessed to have met and worked with her.
-Jamie and Paul